Horse Riding To White Meadow


ITINERARY:  We’ll ride on horseback from Borovets to White Meadow. The area is located near Borovets and offers an impressive view of the peaks of Rila. You will enjoy the rest during picnic lunch, before returning back to Borovets via Shumnatitsa hut and Wide Meadow.

минзухари на Бяла поляна


  • The program is available all year round. It depends to some extent on weather. There is an adventure element.
  • Number of riders: 2 – 8
  • Weight limit for the riders: 95 kg
  • Riding hours a day: 4 hours
  • Required experience: The program is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders, as well children over 7 years old.
  • The terrain: Horse riding takes place through rough mountain terrains, ascents and descents, natural obstacles like rivers, gullies, fallen trees as well as areas suitable for faster pace.
  • The horses: Calm and well trained
  • The saddles: Trekking saddles
  • The guides:  One professional guide for groups up to 5 riders. Two professional guides for groups over 5 riders
  • The pace: Walk, trot and canter, depending on the terrain and the skills of the less experienced rider in the group.
  • The equipment: Helmets, first-aid kit, saddlebags

Price includes:

  • Horse riding – 4 hours
  • Food: picnic – fresh products, vegetables, barbecue, season fruits

The PRICE does not include: Transport to Borovets.

 To check for availability and to book your horse riding activity email us!

We reserve the right to change the route due to circumstances beyond our control

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