Horse Riding Activities

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH US, regardless of age and season:

 To stroll on horseback

If you want to escape from your daily routine, but you have no experience in horse riding, give yourself a horseback stroll in nature. If you want to learn to ride a horse, but you ask yourself questions like: is the horse riding suitable for me, will I like it, does it matter how old I am and similar, start with a horseback stroll! This will help you to find the answers.


  • To learn the basic rules about natural horsemanship

This will be very useful for you, no matter if you will become a horse rider or not! Because even if we are not riders, the contact with horses helps us rediscover ourselves and reevaluate the way we perceive the world, it teaches us to communicate with each other, to cope with the hard situations and to change the things around us for the better. The key to all of this is one step back to nature.


  • To learn how to ride a horse

The amateur horse riding is suitable for everyone who loves nature and horses and wants to learn how to ride! It’s never late to start. However you need to be armed with patience and perseverance! During the training you will acquire independent saddle sitting, learn to control the horse and get to know other subtle details, getting familiar with them will help you to experience a real pleasure from horse riding.The training is carried out while riding in the nature and the details are corrected according to an individual program on the manege.


  • To improve your horse riding skills

Even if you are already experienced rider, you can always learn something new about horses and horse riding!





  • To give yourself one-day horse riding with picnic

The program is suitable for riders of all levels






  • To immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience called “a horse riding tour”

    and enjoy nature, horses, riding and life itself! 🙂